Hidemyass Review

Hidemyass! Get Unrestricted Access to a World of Entertainment in a Protected Virtual Environment

VPN technology is an advanced encryption of safe and secure browsing which allows you to access websites and entertainment channels restricted by virtue of their location such as different countries through a virtual IP address which isn’t your own. Moreover even in your own location if certain sites are banned in your country or blocked by protocols, a VPN can easily break down these protocols and grant you access to the site through the same virtual address which would make it seem as if you are browsing from another location.

What makes HIDEmyASS one of the best 5 VPN providers of 2016?

Basically, HIDEmyASS is as described, a VPN that provides free and secure unrestricted web surfing. It very much acts like your private postal box address secluded in a post office whose details are kept confidential. Similarly, the IP address of The VPN is provided instead of yours. But this IP address isn’t just a geo centric IP address, it changes according to location to mimic the protocols of that region where access is granted.

HIDEmyASS acts a go between you and the site you want to visit. The main advantage of such activity is to protect your data and your protocols from being hacked or followed by innumerous cookies and malware that scour the net for IP addresses seeking to promote something or the other.

HIDEmyASS operates 900 servers in 210 countries across the globe and is currently serving 122550 connections worldwide. This is the statists that any reviewer would be happy with in order to put HIDEmyASS! In top spot because in comparison to other VPN providers, this is by no means a small figure.


Main Features of HIDEmyASS!

  • Easy to connect: user password based connectivity to any server operated by HIDEmyASS!


  • MultiProtocol provider: unlike proxy servers you gain access to different protocols thatimproves your


  • Load balance: This is a convenient service that informs you which server in the region has the least number of users so that you can connect for faster browsing.


  • Speed guide: informs you of which of the servers provide the fastest speeds compatible with your connection.


  • Secure IP Bind: when connected to HIDEmy ASS, certain applications are allowed to connect only to the internet.


  • IP changes: enables you to change your IPaddress at intervals.
  • One package for all: package rates as low as 11$ per month covering all of your devices.
  • Random servers: connect at random any server available in a geographical location. This boosts privacy issues.

The Main Advantages of Using HIDEmyAss!

Using the services of a VPN like HIDEmyASS you don’t just gain access to all of yourfavorite gaming and entertainment channels worldwide such as HULU and complete access to torrenting, you also gain total privacy which protects you from hackers trying to locate details about your bank account, credit card and personal details. You will never be bothered by in numerous spam emails in your folders with total blockage of phishing and viral threats.

To conclude HIDEmyASS is a consolidated provider which withstands any criticism as it provides fast access to a wide range of servers. Its operating range is what makes it an impressive service well deserving of its ranks as one of the top 5 VPN providers today.